See What Destiny Has Planned For Its Valentine's Day Event

Bungie revealed details on the upcoming Valentine's Day event February 9 for their popular sci-fi shooter. The event will be called “Crimson Days” and it introduces a brand new Crucible mode in Destiny for the 2 vs 2 matches. The description of the mode leaves a lot to the imagination.

Gamespot picked up the news from over on the Bungie weekly update, where they pointed to a quote in the update about the new Crucible mode. It will accompany a red overhaul of the Tower social space. But the mode itself sounds quite intriguing compared to what Destiny gamers might be used to, with the post reading....

We’re delivering a brand new 2v2 Crucible mode we’re calling Crimson Doubles. It features a special twist, born of new gameplay and mechanics that only battle-tested star-crossed lovers will appreciate. You’ll need a dancing partner – preferably one that compliments your fighting style. The two of you will have a chance to earn some “sweet” loot together in the Crucible. To receive your gifts, you’ll have to put your differences aside and fight well as a couple.

All of that sounds crazy. The wording makes it sound as if there's going to be a Dance, Dance Revolution style showdown between players in the Crucible maps? They don't clarify what they mean by “battle-tested star-crossed lovers” or by needing a “dancing partner”. Are they simply talking about a tag-team match between two players and they switch up sides? Or is this some kind of gimmick where players will have to work with opposing teammates in some way?

There's obviously the elephant-in-the-room possibility that I've skipped over, but it may as well be exactly what the Crimson Doubles actually is: a dancing competition.

Now before you blow off the idea and state how ridiculous that sounds, keep in mind that this is Destiny and the game is known just as much for raiding, looting and speeding through the crevices of mountainous regions across foreign planets, as it is known for producing some of the most hilarious music videos and dance routines on the internet.

It wouldn't seem so far-fetched that Bungie might capitalize on the whole dancing gimmick in the game – especially considering that all the dancing emotes are already in the game – and setup a Crucible match centered around synchronized dancing. One can dream.

In addition to announcing the Crimson Doubles match, the developer also dropped some details on a new Iron Banner event due to go live on January 26 and it will run through February 2. New armor and weapons will be added as part of the rewards, including PlayStation exclusive gear. And yes, PS4 owners are still getting exclusive content over their Xbox counterparts. Sony and Activision have been making good on the partnership with Destiny since release and it's continued on to this very day.

In the upcoming weekly updates, Bungie has plans on further detailing the Crimson Doubles event and how it will work. You can keep an eye out on the official Bungie website for news on when the Valentine's Day event details will go live.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.