It’s once again time to stare into the face of madness, or at least pay a little money up front in hopes of one day staring into the face of madness. Following a bit of confusion and controversy during their previous attempt, the team at Precursor Games has returned to Kickstarter, this time trying to fun Shadow of the Eternals for $750,000. And, hey, they’re bringing Solid Snake along for the ride!

Back in May, we reported on a newly announced game, Shadow of the Eternals, billed as the spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube fan favorite psychological action horror game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. While previous games had “toyed” with players a time or two, getting into the player’s head was half of the point of Eternal Darkness. As your character’s mind struggled with the horrors and wonders it was beholding, it was possible that you would begin to experience increasingly bizarre occurrences. Your controller might stop working just as enemies start to attack, for instance. A book might fly across the library, the walls may bleed or, perhaps the cruelest trick of all, the game would convince you that, rather than saving, it was erasing your memory card. In short, it was a deviously wonderful experience.

So, for some fans, the very idea that a successor, spiritual or otherwise, was in the works sounded like a dream come true.

But before the project could move too far along, controversy struck. Precursor founders’ previous ties to the financially troubled Silicon Knights, a less-than-thorough campaign explanation and splitting the campaign up between Kickstarter and the developer’s own site gave many reason to shy away from the project. As a result, Precursor halted the campaign, promised to smooth out the edges, and bring it back for fans to support on July 25.

Well, that day has come, and now Shadow of the Eternals has made its triumphant return to Kickstarter, earning $37,072 in its first morning (as of this printing) with 29 days remaining. It appears Precursor has made good on their world, providing loads of additional details, a clear roadmap for the game’s future, and even the announcement that voice actor David Hayter was signed on to voice the main character, Paul Becker.

The Kickstarter announcement states that the game will be an 8-10 hour action adventure “steeped in psychological horror” for the PC and Wii U. A stretch goal has already been added, too, with plans to bring the game to the PlayStation 4 if they can manage to raise enough funds.

So there you have it; Shadow of the Eternals taking at least one more swing at seeing the light of day, and its fate is now in the hands of potential backers who must decide if the project is worth supporting. If you need any additional details to assist in the decision making process, head on over to the game’s official website. If funded, Shadow of the Eternals is expected to launch in fall 2014.

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