Skullgirls Adds Beowulf As Final Fan-Voted DLC Character

The second and final fan-voted DLC character has been selected (making for a grand total of five upcoming new characters) and, this time, it looks like the roster will be getting its second ever male character: former wrestler and chair enthusiast, Beowulf.

Earlier this year, Lab Zero Games announced that it would be hosting an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds to create Skullgirls' first DLC character, Squiggly. The indie fighting game's roster only featured eight characters at first, so it's no surprise that contributors were willing to pony up the $150,000 the developers were asking for in order to make the character a reality.

What is surprising, however, is the eventual $829,829 the campaign amassed in its single month of running, funding additional characters Big Band, Robo-Fortune and two more that fans would be able to vote on in the following months. Each character would get its own stage, music and story mode, too.

Las month, fans selected the Egyptian-themed diva, Eliza, as the first new DLC character, one that can use her own blood to unleash some pretty vicious attacks.

Well, now the fans have had their say once more, this time selecting the former pro-wrestler Beowulf as their brawler of choice. Somewhat based on the character of legend, Beowulf ended his career after besting the seemingly unbeatable Grendel, “as well as his frenzied Gigan mom when she nearly ate the audience after her son's defeat,” according to the character info on the Skullgirls Wiki. Beowulf has decided to come out of retirement to see if he still has what it takes to be a champ, committed to taking on the best fighters the city has to offer. His moves will be based on classic wrestling maneuvers and he'll occasionally whip out his trusty folding chair, The Hurting.

Lab Zero plans to have Squiggly ready to roll for Skullgirls sometime this summer. No word yet on when the remaining four DLC characters will become available but, considering how much work needs to go into their hand-drawn art, stories, music, etc., it could be a slow feed spread over quite a few months.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.