After weeks of voting following a successful Indiegogo campaign, the third Skullgirls DLC character has been decided. Introducing Eliza, a famous singer within the game's world and Egyptian vampire.

Earlier this year, developer Lab Zero Games decided to try and fund a single DLC character for their indie fighter, Skullgirls, through crowd-funding website, Indiegogo. They needed $150,000 to make the character, Squiggly, a reality, a feat many thought would not be possible at the time. Once Squiggly was funded in about a day, however, the developers decided to offer contributors a chance to fund yet another character, Big Band. When Big Band's goal was also met with a quickness, the campaign continued with Lab Zero promising to make additional “mystery” characters that fans could vote on were various goals met.

By the time the campaign wrapped up, Lab Zero's Indiegogo run brought in $829,829, enough to fund two mystery characters and, as a special treat from the developers, an additional character named Robo-Fortune.

Now all that was left was for the community of supporters to decide which characters would make the cut. Following several weeks of voting, the community whittled a list of 32 possible characters down to a single winner, Eliza. She's described by the developer as a diva known for her charity work running blood drives that, in truth, were used as an offering to keep herself young and beautiful. Based on early playstyle speculations, Eliza will use her own blood to perform attacks, likely able to fight in both a slow/powerful and quick/weak stance.

Now that Eliza has won the first round of voting, a second round will soon commence. Based on a recent survey from Lab Zero, the process may be expedited this time around with each set of votes only taking three days instead of a full week. Either way, the 31 remaining characters are now back in the running, and it should only be a matter of time before we find out who the fifth and final DLC character for Skullgirls will be.

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