Now that May has officially kicked off, Sony is dishing out some details on this month's PlayStation Plus offerings and, with full games like last year's Sleeping Dogs making the cut, it looks like it's going to be a solid month for subscribers.

We announced details for this week's regular PlayStation Network update yesterday and, yeah, the pickings were pretty slim. Not to fear if you have PlayStation Plus, however, as the first free game of the month is Sleeping Dogs, and it'll be available for your collection later this afternoon. Sleeping Dogs is basically what you would get if Grand Theft Auto were set in Hong Kong. There's a much smaller focus on firearms with a much greater focus on hand-to-hand combat reminiscent of the recent Batman Arkham games.

While a full, pretty dang recent PS3 game is nice and all, there will be another four titles added to the Plus catalog throughout the month. Listed under the PS3 category are The Pinball Arcade and Knytt Underground. Both of these games are PS3/Vita Crossbuy compatible, but no word on whether or not the Plus offer will grant access to both versions or just the one for PS3. Either way, we're looking at a rather handsome pinball collection offering tables like Arabian Knights, Theatre of Magic and Black Hole, as well as a darkly beautiful platforming adventure game in Knytt Underground.

Finally, the Vita is getting some love this month in the form of a puzzler and a fighter. Germinator has players matching various types of germs in order to create combos and rack up high scores while BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend offers all of the fast and furious fighting action players have come to expect out of Arc System Works' games, squeezed down into a tidy portable package.

Look for Sleeping Dogs to be accompanied by a 25 percent off ($8.99) sale for Papo and Yo through Plus when the PSN update goes live this afternoon. All of that other content and other goodies will be coming your way later this month.

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