Sleeping Dogs Year Of The Snake DLC Now Available For PS3, PC, Xbox 360

If you've already completed Sleeping Dogs and getting a bit bored of the game, Square Enix and United Front Games has some good news for you: There's new single-player story DLC readily available right now. The new DLC has dropped for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, so no one is left out.

The Year of the Snake puts Wei back into the hotspot following the main story arc. Players will take on several new branching missions as a Hong Kong police detective (which means more blue missions) and the DLC doesn't just expand the story, it adds new weapons such as a tear gas launcher and electro-shock stick, new outfits, new trophies/achievements and new unlockables.

While I'm not fond of games that are laced from head to toe with DLC, I must admit that if it's done properly and at a reasonable price it's hard to resist. In fact, I love the DLC for Dungeon Defenders, as well as the DLC for Killing Floor. Square has done a fairly good job, though, of letting loose just enough content for Sleeping Dogs to keep reeling us back in, which is a good way to keep gamers gaming.

The DLC itself focuses on a doomsday group known as the Cult of the Snake, which threatens public safety and it's up to Wei to track them down and put an end to their plot before it's too late.

You can grab the DLC right now for $6.99 on PC and PS3 or you can fork over 560MSP on Xbox 360. If you bought the game during the Steam sale recently then picking up the DLC will be an absolute steal at that price.

For more information feel free to pay a visit to the Official if only someone can convince UFG to do a Final Fantasy DLC pack for Sleeping Dogs, then all will be well in the universe.

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