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Wow, Windows 7 gets a lot of love these days in the next-gen arena. Heck, at least everyone who is already running the latest 64-bit version of Windows 7 will know that they can play the latest PS4 and Xbox One games. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll just refer you to a picture of a PS4 game crashing to a Windows 7 login screen.

The good folks at Neogaf spotted a tweet from a French YouTuber who hasn't surrendered in any wars yet, named Walou. What did the tweet entail? The following photo...

Oh yeah... and what is that? That's Need for Speed Rivals, obviously crashing out of its runtime environment and back into the safe graces of Windows 7.

And poor, poor Windows 8, both Microsoft and Sony don't like you... heck, you can't even catch a break with benchmark testers. Don't be surprised if Windows 8 ends up in a software adoption center for abandoned OS's at some point.

Anyway, here's a blown up picture so you can bask in the embarrassment of Electronic Arts' little booboo.

Next-gen fails before next-gen even begins.

Now, on the upside this is a much more tame embarrassment than that awful, awful thing Microsoft encountered back in early June when one of their Xbox One kiosks crashed to Windows 7 and then a real sexy beast of an Nvidia GTX 780 popped out and people ejaculated their excitement and confusion all over the internet. It's okay, it happens to everyone, except for veterans of the Doritocracy... they're used to smoke, mirrors and shady deals.

Anyway, this is a lesson to everyone out there who puts their trust in the marketing propaganda of corporate warfare: Nothing is legit until you see it for yourself.

I'm wondering if PS4 supporter and indie developer Jonathan Blow is wiping some sweat from his forehead right now or if he's blowing this off into the breeze? Just asking, considering that he was one of the few PS4 devs who vehemently stood his ground saying that many of the PS4's E3 demos were running on actual PS4 dev kits and not PC Master Race rigs.

Then again, this entire little fiasco is wholly on Electronic Arts since it was their demo booth, either not trusting their development skills to code to the PS4's hardware or they just wanted to run the software in a trusted environment (the soothing comforts of a PC's operating system). So I guess Sony could throw up their hands and say “It ain't our fault”. If that happens to be the case, beads of sweat are probably running a marathon down Peter Moore's forehead right now.

Oh well. All is fair in love and console wars. On the upside, at least we know the DualShock 4 controllers are compatible with Windows 7. Hurray for the PC Master Race.

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