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On Wednesday night Sony finally announced the so-called "PSP2," a successor to their aging handheld. The device, code name Next Generation Portable (NGP), is due at the end of 2011.

The NGP will have dual analog sticks and cameras on either side. The display is a multi-touch OLED. It supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity but, unlike the PSPGo, it won't be digital download-only. Software will be available on small flash memory cards. Here's the full features list from Sony:
  • Multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) as the front display
  • Multi-touch pad on the rear of the device
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Two cameras (front and rear)
  • Software titles on small, dedicated flash memory-based cards
  • Three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass
  • Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity
  • PlayStation Network access, including “LiveArea™”, “Near” and “Activity” log features Trophy Support
  • NGP will be able to play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store.
While the system is backwards-compatible with earlier PSP content, Sony's obviously got plans for new games as well. A lot of game franchises, including some big first-party names, were mentioned during the briefing:
  • Killzone
  • Uncharted
  • WipEout
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Call of Duty
  • Resistance
  • Little Deviants
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • Reality Fighters
  • Gravity Daze
  • Smart As
  • Broken
  • Hustle Kings
"I can't put a ballpark on it in terms of figures, but what I would say is that we will shoot for an affordable price that's appropriate for the handheld gaming space," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House told Eurogamer. Fairly or not, the NGP's price will be measured against that of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is going to be priced at $249.99 here in North America.

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