Sound Shapes Gets Smoother Beats With New DLC Packs Today

Sound Shapes, the do-it-yourself, music-stuffed platforming game for PlayStation 3 and the PS Viat, is set to receive its first batch of DLC content once the PlayStation Store updates this afternoon. Look for some new world building abilities and three new sets of musical notes/instruments to make your levels better than ever.

Announced by Mark Rabo of the Sound Shapes Team via the PlayStation Blog, level designers can add an acoustic, drum or 8-bit flair to their own creations with three new Sound Packs (going for a buck apiece), as well as enjoy the benefits of a “Curved Terrain Pack,” being added to the game free of charge.

The Acoustic Sound Pack includes five new instruments, including guitars, piano and even a kalimba. The Drum Kits Sound Pack offers, well, all sorts of drum noises. As for the 8-Bit Sound Pack, you can expect to OD on all of the beeps, boops and blips that made old-school gaming such a delight. Finally, the Curved Terrain Pack allows for new shapes to be included in your level, making it easier than ever to bring your own creations to life.

As a final note, Queasy Games has touted a special “holiday present” coming before the end of the year, new track packs somewhere down the line, as well as “Community Milkcrate” compilations wherein the developers and various musicians and famous folks within the industry will be compiling themed track lists of their favorite community-created levels. For now, though, just enjoy today’s new DLC.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.