It was announced a few weeks back that the PlayStation 3/Vita musical platforming game, Sound Shapes, would be getting a mystery update sometime in March. Well, the cat is finally out of the bag as we can announce a pair of updates headed to PSN this afternoon. One adds a pair of vehicles and drive-ready levels to the game for a small fee and the other adds a bunch of new community-created levels to the lineup free of charge.

Sound Shapes Team member Mark Rabo made the announcement official this afternoon via the PlayStation Blog, highlighting this afternoon’s new content for the build-it-yourself title.

First up is the Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack. For $1.99, players will unlock a pair of new vehicles for the Sound Shapes blob to roll around in, brand new levels to explore that were custom made for said vehicles, new tutorials and trophies for those levels and, of course, all of the bits and baubles you’ll need to build your own vehicle levels.

Along with today’s paid DLC, players will also be able to download the Community Milkcrate pack free of charge. The Community Milkcrate has been around for a while, giving players access to some of the game creators’ favorite fan-made levels. These Milkcrate packs add a collection of those levels to the game proper, divided into themed albums in the single player campaign.

And perhaps the best addition of all is the free Offline Play mode. Now players will finally be able to download as many community levels as they want, making it easier than ever to keep playing Sound Shapes when you’re out and about and unable to connect to the internet.

Look for the new DLC once the PlayStation Store updates later this afternoon.

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