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Today Square Enix revealed what that mystery game Bloodmasque is. It's a vampire-hunting action RPG that will be released on iOS devices.

Bloodmasque is set in an alternate history version of the 19th century in which vampires are real and extremely powerful. The bloodsuckers actually rule the city of Paris. Players are vampire hunters seeking to topple their reign.,

The game allows you to use your own face in the game. You can take a picture of yourself with your iOS device and then use it for your character's face. You can also recruit other characters made by other players to your party. Is that a selling point for the game? Not really. But it's a thing you can do.

Like Infinity Blade, Bloodmasque is powered by the Unreal Engine. This allows for some fairly smooth 3D visuals. It looks better than some console games out there.

Bloodmasque will launch sometime this summer.

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