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Square Enix posted some interesting figures in their quarterly sales report [via VG24/7], noting a brisk change in their total net income in Q2 2011 compared to Q2 2010. The most noteworthy aspect of the report comes in the form of Deus Ex: Human Revolution shipping more than 2.18 million copies worldwide.

While net income for the Japanese publishing giant fell from 68.1 billion yen in the same quarter of 2010 to 57.5 billion yen this year (which is about $734 million in U.S.), operating income and ordinary income seen a slight increase from 5.7 billion yen in 2010 to 7.4 billion yen in 2011, which is close to $95 million in U.S dollars. Square’s digital offerings also helped boost the company’s portfolio with their foray into mobile and social gaming.

Financial figures aside (with the company showing more or less profits in one area or another), the real kicker is that Deus Ex: Human Revolution only shipped 2.18 million units so far, 800,000 of which were in North America and 1.38 million for Europe.

The monthly NPD will eventually verify the sell-through of those SKUs, but that’s not necessarily sequel-worthy figures in today’s gaming industry climate. For instance, Electronic Arts had no plans to work on a revamped sequel for the rebooted Medal of Honor unless they managed to sell-through (not ship) at least 3 million copies.

However, Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t one of those cookie-cutter eight-hour campaign, multiplayer-perk-ridden shooters like Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor or Modern Warfare 3. It will be interesting to see where Square goes from here with the series.

The company also released figures for Dungeon Siege III, which managed to ship 20,000 in Japan, 320,000 in North America and 480,000 in Europe. The 25th anniversary edition of Dragon Quest managed 350,000 units in Japan so far.

Square has a very aggressive three-step plan for future endeavors, including expanding on their MMO efforts (re-building FF XIV), increasing their presence in North America and Europe, working on a stronger focus of DLC for consoles, re-distributing their catalog digitally, and most importantly…creating 10 brand new IPs.

No word on how they plan to approach those new IPs, but if I were a betting man I’d say many of those are social network games and mobile phone titles.

You can learn more about Square Enix by visiting their Official Website.

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