With more than $6.2 million funded, no publisher, no pesky shareholders sitting over their shoulders and no one to answer to but gamers, Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games Corporation's Star Citizen is the first crowd-sourced AAA sized game and the possibilities for the game are borderline mouth watering. It's definitely good news for emergent ideas with big concepts that no longer need publishers to get things done.

The game is a throwback to what the evolution of gaming was supposed to be: It's a far-reaching space exploration title with massive dogfights, trading, star systems to explore, co-op, PvP, a moddable single-player and multiplayer experience that players can host, a persistent world, and no pay-to-winning whatsoever.

As reported by Dual Shockers, the campaign ended on a high note, hitting the $6,000,000 stretch goal which guarantees a fully orchestrated soundtrack and additional missions.

The game will be a throwback to the space sim era that helped define the Golden Era so many years ago. Not only that, but Roberts and crew hopes to expand and evolve the genre, it's not like it's just nostalgia on a big budget, it's nostalgia with the appropriate technological advancements many PC gamers have come to expect from a new-gen title.

The full, player-driven economy, endless space ventures to explore and new-gen graphics should be enough to draw in all those who have been replaying X-Wing and Tie-Fighter to get their space-sim fix outside of EVE Online.

With $6,235,690 at their disposal, I can't wait to see what Cloud Imperium does. We won't be able to see a finished product until two years from now, though, as the game isn't scheduled to launch until November, 2014. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

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