There's a lot of of good news for people backing and interested in RSI and Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen. The beyond-boundaries space simulator has received a massive amount of new developer diaries, behind-the-scenes videos and developer commentary covering all sorts of super-awesome features for the upcoming next-gen title.

The video above details the new hangar feature, which will enable users to acquire, accommodate and store their space ships. It's not just a hangar, though, it's this awesome tiered pad to keep and maintain your galactic space rides in style. There's the basic hangar for the basic ships, the pimp pad for the luxury ships and the king's throne for those capital boats that are the envy of everyone who doesn't own one or know someone who owns one.

Many of the videos from the 24 hour live-stream that RSI conducted with the team over are also available on Dualshockers. One video that kind of escaped the smorgasbord of moving-picture content was this gem below, which details how a mid-class corvette operates, managing to show off the power of the CryEngine 3 in the process.

I'm loving the the attention to detail... wow, just wow. I mean, a lot of times we have AAA design studios talking up their big budgeted titles but it's almost a rare occurrence that you'll see them showcasing some design mechanic that even comes remotely close to what we're seeing here in Star Citizen. I have to say, by and large, this is the kind of design environment that commands respect as an AAA title, no question about it.

For some games it's easy to dismiss a title or call into question why the budget has to be as big as it does, but here we can see in actual, real-time detail why this crowd-funded title requires the kind of budget it does. You can see in real-time just how intricate these interactive elements are and just how immersive the entire gameplay experience can be based solely on the videos alone.

If you think the hangar and star ship walkthroughs are impressive, you might also want to see just how much detail they're also implementing into the character designs as well. Check out the character waklthrough creation below, which gives a nice little view of the character design process. You can also learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official Robert Space Industries website

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