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New Star Citizen Video Craps All Over Every Other Space Game

When you talk about an amazing level of detail, triple-A animation proficiency and realism achieved in interactive entertainment simulation, the one thing we usually don't use those superlatives with are space sims, but Star Citizen is probably the first indie space sim where console fanboys will have to bury their faces in shame whenever graphical comparisons crop up for RSI's upcoming title.

The game has an impeccable level of detail that you just don't see in indie titles like this, especially as the game has surpassed $11 million in crowd-sourced funding, making it a true next-generation game with an AAA-sized budget. The best part about it is that ALL of the funds are going directly into making the game; there are no sleazy-suited publishing executives pocketing the money, no ridiculous marketing campaigns to fund and no wasteful spending on non-production related expenses.

I love the fact that you can literally see where the money is going with Cloud Imperium Games' highly awaited title and the behind-the-scenes video above just goes right out there and craps over all the other space games that have come before it. It's no offense to these other games, but seriously, they just do not compare to what this game is aiming to achieve and what they've accomplished already.

If you think that video above is impressive, get a load of this: Dualshockers is reporting that at the $13 million mark they will move into Hollywood quality sound studios for pro sound effects, they will acquire a larger production facility for more employees and they will add a star destroyer class... yes, a star destroyer class!

I'm just thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead if they can actually get that destroyer class in there. That dream you've always had of commanding a galactic starfleet from the command center of a destroyer class battle/capital ship will finally become a reality, and then you and your friends can control the action like badarse star-destroying captains who will crush any and all infidels under your galactic iron fists! Or something like that.

Anyway, I'm most excited about small details, like the docking hatch on each ship that allows players to connect to larger ships and travel from one ship to the next. It's such a cool feature and will open up a lot of possibilities for trade, commerce, bandits and space pirates. I love it.

The ship customization is also so seamlessly integrated despite having such high-poly designs, it just blows my mind how much detail and hard work went into this game. It's some really great stuff and I'm so glad that this game was Kickstarted to show that gamers crave this kind of experience that these developers are willing to deliver. Heck, this endeavor is such a testament to the creative evolution that independent studios are trying to achieve in the gaming space right now, and this will further help pave the way for bigger and brighter ideas further down the road.

If you're digging all the awesomeness that this game contains and you want to get in on the action or learn more about what Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium are aiming to achieve with this truly groundbreaking, next-generation space simulator, be sure to pay a kind visit to the official Star Citizen website.

Man, I really hope they hit that $13 million dollar goal because I would kill to have a star destroyer added to a game like this. It's hard to even imagine the scope of how that would work but I sure would love to see how they bring it all to life in the CryEngine 3.

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