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A huge number of box arts have been leaked for upcoming Xbox Live Arcade titles, among the victims of this treacherous crime are Retro City Rampage, Double Dragon II and a game that could be what Battlefront fans have been waiting ages for: Star Wars: First Assault.

A post on Neogaf [via VentureBeat] lays out the big list of XBLA box art covers, currently viewable over at Gifted Apollo. The list is pretty big and among some of the games includes one very noteworthy title, Star Wars: First Assault.

The cool part about it is that this game hasn't even been announced yet and based on the box art it looks like there's a lot of action going on with both on-foot troopers and some characters lodged inside of vehicles. I'd like to imagine this is some sort of battlefield type of game where you're running around blasting things to bits like Battlefront.

However, this is LucasArts we're talking about and this company has been known to screw over its own fanbase, so we could just as well assume it's a puzzle or board game of some sort where you move pieces around like some sort of terrible, 3D interactive family game. If you think this might be too far fetched, need I remind you of this Star Wars game? Yeah, exactly.

But the upside is that the game hasn't been announced yet, and speculation is already running rampant that it's going to be a spiritual successor to Star Wars: Battlefront II. I really hope that's true. I'st also hard to tell who the publisher is, but if it's not Microsoft we can safely assume that the game will also be arriving for PS3 and potentially PC.

We'll keep you posted on when the game will get an official announcement. Until then, feel free to drop a comment on what kind of game you think it might be.

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