Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Looks Beyond Update 1.1

Yesterday BioWare released Update 1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's the first of many content patches planned for the game, as a new trailer demonstrates.

Update 1.1 added a new Flashpoint called Kaon Under Siege. The storyline from this four-player adventure will be continued in another Flashpoint called "The Lost Island." We get a brief glimpse at this upcoming "FP" in the trailer.

In March, BioWare will expand the Legacy system. Currently the Legacy system only allows players to assign the same surname to all their characters. In the future, though, you'll earn new customization options by gaining Legacy levels.

The developers are also working hard to round out Old Republic with features popularized in other MMOs. Guilds will be able to maintain banks shared among all members. Players will get the ability to customize their user interface further, such as being allowed to change the size and positioning of its parts.

BioWare will continue to smooth out the wrinkles in existing content as well. For example, today they released Patch 1.1.0a to fix a few issues related to Patch 1.1. The small update is intended to stop graveyard camping on Ilum and prevent random loading screens, among other things.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.