Street Fighter 5 Is Bringing Back Another Forgotten Character

Capcom announced another character for Street Fighter 5's roster today at Tokyo Game Show. Karin Kanzuki will be making a comeback after a long time away from the series.

Here's Capcom's quick overview of Karin if you're not familiar with the character:

Karin is the young heiress to the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, a global financial conglomerate that possesses vast wealth and resources. Her regal and pampered upbringing is what led to her high-maintenance attitude and razer-sharp wit. But behind her flowing golden locks lies a true martial artist obsessed with upholding her family motto, “In all things be victorious!” Karin is well versed in numerous martial arts, which she and her family combined to create a unique “Kanzuki style” of fighting.

Karin first debuted in a Street Fighter manga in 1996. Her only in-game appearance thus far was Street Fighter Alpha 3. Although she's not very well-known, Capcom said she ranked 7th in a worldwide character popularity poll and 1st in Japan.

Capcom further describes Karin as a well-rounded character suited to a range of opponents. Her dash move lets her quickly reach her opponent and launch a combo. You can see her in action against Rashid in this video:

Her V-Skill, Meioken, is a palm strike that cuts through any projectiles and knocks down her opponent. She can charge up this ability to improve its effectiveness.

Her V-Trigger, Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata, is a dizzying chain of attacks. After knocking up her opponent with a Guren Ken, she can follow-up with a variety of other moves such as a overhead attack, a low sweep, or a flying throw. The wide range of options just add to her versatility as a character.

Capcom has announced 12 Street Fighter 5 characters thus far. Series regulars like Ryu, Ken and M. Bison are joined by new characters such as Necalli and somewhat-forgotten characters like R. Mika. The game will launch with 12 veterans and 4 brand-new fighters. Capcom plans to release other characters after launch as well.

In Alpha 3, Karin had an ongoing rivalry with fellow fighter Sakura. I wonder if Capcom will be bringing back Sakura for SF5 as well to continue their plotline?

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.