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Street Fighter 5 Adds Rainbow Mika To The Roster

Capcom has confirmed another veteran character for Street Fighter 5's roster. This one's a bit more obscure than the other returning fighters, though.

Rainbow Mika, revealed on PlayStation.Blog is a young masked wrestler who idolizes Zangief. She fell in with the street fighting crowd as a way to get worldwide fame. However, this fame-seeker is unknown to many Street Fighter fans because she only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

R. Mika is a high-flying fighter who can grapple enemies with her arms or legs to pull off devastating slams. Her move set includes some classic pro wrestling moves like the giant swing and stunner. It's a lot of fun to watch her in action.

Her V-Skill, accomplished by pushing medium punch and medium kick at the same time, is pure pro wrestling as well. She takes out a microphone and starts performing a monologue to the crowd. The longer the player holds down the two buttons, the more powerful her throws will become.

However, while she's speechifying, she'll be vulnerable to enemy attacks. She can only absorb one hit before she'll start taking damage. However, she can surprise her opponent by cancelling the monologue at any time and flinging her microphone at him or her.

Once R. Mika's V-Gauge has been filled up, she can use her V-Trigger ability called "Nadeshiko." This summons her tag team partner of the same name, who will then dropkick or body splash her opponent. Nadeshiko's attacks set up R. Mika's opponents for a devastating combo.

The trailer shows the tag team partners absolutely crushing Vega. R. Mika tosses him over her shoulder to Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko then hurls him high into the air. The two ladies converge on him and crush his head with their butts.

Rainbow Mika is joined on SF5 roster by many other classic characters including M. Bison, Ryu, and Nash. They've only revealed one character, Necalli, so far. The game will launch with 16 fighters, four of whom are brand-new.

Capcom will release additional characters after the game's launch, too. These fighters can be purchased or earned through gameplay.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.