Street Fighter 5 Vega Trailer Dices Up Necalli

Street Fighter 5 is bringing back long-time villain Vega. The first trailer shows the masked warrior slashing up his opponent with his signature claws.

Capcom announced Vegas's return in a PlayStation Blog post. Here's their brief overview of the character, in case you're a series newbie:

A mainstay in the franchise since his introduction in Street Fighter II, Vega believes that beauty is the truest form of strength and that he alone is the epitome of perfection. The mask he wears serves to protect his face from the blood of his victims, and his deadly three-pronged claw ensures he is able to dish out pain from a safe distance away. Learning ninjutsu at a young age from a Japanese acquaintance, Vega quickly shot up the ranks in Shadaloo, eventually becoming one of the four bosses of the criminal organisation.

Vega has undergone some changes for Street Fighter 5. He now has blond hair and a loose-fitting white shirt as if he just stepped off the cover of a trashy romance novel.

Vega/Fabio now has a new fighting style as well. He can choose to fight with or without his claws. When he sheathes his claws, he can access new moves like a command grab. If they're knocked off in battle, he can't pick them up. Knowing how to fight with or without claws is a must.

His V-Skill, performed by pushing medium punch and medium kick at the same time, is Matador Turn. This ability lets him dodge an incoming attack and potentially hit them with a counterattack that knocks them to the floor. Bloody Kiss, his V-Trigger ability, lets him toss a rose at his opponent. If the rose hits them, Vega can follow up with a series of slashes.

His opponent in the trailer above is Necalli, the first all-new character announced for Street Fighter 5 thus far. Revealed at EVO 2015 last month, Necalli is a dreadlocked grappler with a wild fighting style. He's one of four new characters that will be introduced in SF5.

Street Fighter 5 will launch in Spring 2016 with a roster of 16 characters. The fighters confirmed so far include Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison and Ken. Capcom will release additional characters after launch that can be bought or earned through gameplay.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.