The Majority Of Street Fighter 5 Issues Are Resolved, According To Capcom

Street Fighter V had a rocky launch on both PS4 and PC. The game had some major hiccups in the multiplayer and online matchmaking department, but Capcom has been working around the clock to issue fixes and get the game up and working for everyone as quickly as possible.

According to an update on the fixes from VG 24/7, Capcom has resolved most of the issues that garnered thousands of complaints from the eager gamers who were disappointed with the poor online support and the connectivity issues they suffered while attempting to play Street Fighter V on launch day.

In a post over on Capcom Unity, eSports director Neidel “Haunts” Crisan explained that most of the major issues have been addressed but there's still work to do:

There were some issues with the Street Fighter 5 servers but we’re happy to report that the majority of those issues have now been resolved, […] That said, we know there is still a lot left to optimize and not everyone’s experience has been the same.

With that said, they've fixed up the Battle Lounge to allow players to participate in the lounge matches with little or no hiccups. There were a lot of issues with invites and connectivity, so Capcom has addressed those and are looking to make improvements.

There were also some Match Results issues where some players weren't being properly rewarded for their fights because it wasn't registering to the server. Capcom has made sure that the fights and battle logs along with the proper user accreditation takes place on the Street Fighter V servers.

They also have fix for the Replay Search, which was one of the highly anticipated features of Street Fighter V given that it allows players to search up and research the fight data of opponents so they can get better at the game. It's all about becoming an expert with a character and the Replay Search helps with that. Well, the data wasn't immediately being made available, but Capcom has worked it out so that personal replays and other replays are being posted to the database as quickly as possible.

There are still some other kinks they need to work out but for the most the core issues regarding performance and network stability are being addressed.

Another big problem that some people had is that there weren't enough basic features out of the gate for Street Fighter V. Now that's going to be a much harder issue for Capcom to fix given that extra modes and content will take some time, but they've already outlined a roadmap of new content for the game coming down the line soon, including new characters and costumes.

Players will also be able to purchase new costumes for the characters along with new characters altogether using the new Fight Money feature. The idea is that it's possible to play through the story mode and the online matches to earn money to purchase new characters, or it's possible to use real life money to buy the DLC characters.

In March, the first DLC character of Alex will be made available on the shop. Street Fighter V is out and available right now on PS4 and PC. Also be sure to keep an eye out on the Capcom Unity page for further updates regarding fixes and upgrades for the game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.