New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer Introduces Boost Rush, Challenge Modes

Nintendo issued a new trailer for New Super Mario Bros. U today. In addition to showing off the five-player co-op, it detailed a couple new game modes players can experience.

Challenge mode tasks players with competing for high scores in various trials. In one challenge, a player tries to race through the level as quickly as possible. In another, Mario tries to string together as many enemy kills as possible.

Boost Rush mode is also a race against the clock. All four players must complete the course together. You can't stop at any time. What's more, you'll go faster by collecting more and more coins.

Each Super Mario Bros. offers gentle refinements to a formula that's been mapped years ago. Will these latest innovations be enough to keep things fresh? We'll see when the game launches alongside the Wii U this fall.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.