No Swimming In Red Dead Redemption

With Red Dead Redemption just weeks from release, Rockstar is filling in remaining gaps in our knowledge. In a new question and answer session with fans, they answered many of the lingering questions about the open-world Western shooter.

For example, here's what they had to say about swimming: "As an outlaw character who's spent most of his life on horseback in the land-locked territories of the West - John Marston is not much of a swimmer. If he has to cross a body of water, transport will be provided. John has no problem wading, but if he gets too deep, he will drown."

That's just one of many other little pieces of info they doled out. Here's some of the other stuff revealed during the Q&A:

  • Your horse can jump and does so automatically at times when encountered very low obstacles.
  • You can aim while behind cover.
  • There's no limit to how many weapons you can carry.
  • Players' health regenerates in both single-player and multiplayer.
  • There are three aiming modes to choose from. Casual automatically locks onto targets, Normal snaps to the target but doesn't lock on, and Expert offers no help with aiming.
  • Multiplayer matches begin with a "Mexican stand-off." In other words, all the players will spawn together and be able to point their guns at each other. Once the round starts, everyone can fire.
Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.