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A new recap video has been released for Tales of Xillia in preparation for the upcoming release of Tales of Xillia 2, the PlayStation 3 JRPG. The new video offers a five minute voice-over that catches gamers up to everything that happened in the original Tales of Xillia, as the second game preps to land on retail shelves in North America starting August 19th.

Hardcore Gamer spotted the new trailer that Sony released, making note of the game's quirky tone and very niche demographic that it caters to.

Even still, the video offers a brief review of the first game for anyone who didn't play it, but might have an inkling to check out the sequel. The story follows the journey of Milla Maxwell and Jude, and how the reluctant Jude aids the determined Milla in helping stop the corrupt king from usurping the mana from the mana spirits, using the experimental Lance cannon. In typical JRPG fashion, the game has the typical overly convoluted story and multiple characters and factions all heading in their own directions (though not all of them interesting).

The group from the original game focus their efforts on stopping the powers behind the Lance while attempting to restore peace and order to the world. Like most games that may not be guaranteed a sequel, the first title ends with a happy enough ending that still left room enough for a sequel.

The second game partially picks up where the first game left off, only this time players assume the role of a new group of heroes, including the main protagonist Ludger Will Kresnik. Ludger and his brother Julius share an odd relationship as they're thrust into a startling conflict with a company that Ludger is indebted to, the Spirius Corporation.

As things begin to unfold it becomes clear that the brothers Kresnik are more than what they seem. It's revealed that the Kresniks have the ability to manipulate the time-space continuum and transform into terrifying beings. The abilities of the Kresnik brothers becomes a prime focus of the Spirius Corporation, as they attempt to manipulate Ludger into using his power to destroy another dimension for their own nefarious purposes.

Eventually Ludger is aided by some of the heroes of the previous Tales of Xillia, including Milla Maxwell. Players will build up a team, journey across the land and attempt to thwart the typical evil forces that want to control the land, destroy another world and take control of the mana reserves.

Tales of Xillia 2 has been out in Japan for a couple of years now, but it's only just now being localized and released in North America. A lot of it is usually due to fears of poor sales due to JRPGs being very niche and not really appealing to broad audiences that most AAA publishers are seeking.

Bandai Namco Games is taking the risk with Tales of Xillia 2 in North America, nonetheless. The game is scheduled to release next week on August 19th for the PS3.

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