They say that legends never die and, in the case of classic cabinet game, Tempest, that appears to be the case. Remade as Tempest 2000 nearly 20 years ago, the game is set to receive yet another technology and gameplay boost, this time releasing on the PlayStation Vita as TxK.

Back in the 80’s, the original Tempest took over arcades with its revolutionary vector display and puzzle/shooter gameplay. In 1994, Llamasoft remade the classic arcade game with a spruced up, yet retro, feel, unleashing Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar. Now Llamasoft is hoping to do for Tempest 2000 what Tempest 2000 did for the original Tempest by retooling the formula for a whole new generation of gamers.

I actually had the opportunity to play the original Tempest at a recent games convention and, yeah, it’s a pretty rad experience. The way the cabinet was designed feels a lot like the 3D effect you get out of the 3DS, only without the eye strain. Guiding that nimble ship around geometric shapes, dodging projectiles and blowing enemies to smithereens, was a blast.

That core gameplay is being carried over into the upcoming Vita title, TxK, according to Llamasoft Founder Jeff Minter.

According to the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, TxK will “draw on the spirit of the classic T2K” in the hopes of creating a “new modern classic arcade shooter.”

T2K featured 100 levels and some seriously thumping techno tunes, which Minter said Llamasoft aims to capitalize on with new terrains, bonus rounds, enemies, weapons and music.

The goal is to have the game finished and released sometime this year, so get ready to return to Tempest on the Vita in 2013.

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