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Teslagrad Gameplay Trailer Proves Third-Party Support Isn't Dead For Wii U

A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game, Teslagrad has gone live, courtesy of Lightning Gaming News, featuring some amazing platforming and Teslamancy for those of you interested in a unique kind of platforming game.

More importantly, though, the big thing these days is to rag on the Wii U (next to booing the Xbox One). While giving Microsoft less than an inch (or no inch at all) is a commendable thing by the gaming community -- especially since Microsoft did try to kill gaming culture with the previous DRM policies on the Xbox One -- the Wii U on the other hand isn't trying to harm anyone.

Right now Nintendo's biggest hurdle is their lack of third-party support but they're aiming to fix that by doing something opposite of what Microsoft usually does: they're handing out free dev kits, according to DualShockers, instead of paying $50 million or so for timed exclusivity or some extra DLC.

In this regard, any and everyone who wants to design on the Wii U just got invited to do so, and this also double-downs with their free Unity Pro licenses that they're handing out to registered developers, so not only will you have a free dev kit for the Wii U, but you'll also have a free game engine in which to make your game.

[[ br. br ]] Nintendo is bypassing the worn, tired and archaic support from greed-inebriated AAA publishers, and they're going back to the source of productivity and ingenuity; they're heading knee-deep into the trenches to grab the talent, the fun and the creativity where it actually resides... the game developers.

The only thing that would be stopping aspiring devs from pumping out new content for the Big 'N's system is time and creativity.

So how does Rain Games' Teslagrad fit into all of this? Well, the Golden Era-looking side-scroller will be a multiplatform release across the PlayStation 3, PC and the Wii U. Xbox platforms are excluded due to the lack of self-publishing on those systems.

Teslagrad aims to bring quality indie gaming back to the console market as a prime selling point for the consoles. This will rekindle the days of DuckTales, Jungle Book and Flashback to name but a few, and Nintendo's Wii U is right there in the mix.

While big companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisft are bailing out on the Wii U until they can see some serious opportunities to cash-in on gamers who prefer spending $60 for flash over substance, core gamers will have plenty of smaller titles to look forward to as Nintendo plans to get in there and curate the indie games themselves for those who have big ideas that they wish to bring to the Wii U and this will definitely pay off for them over the next two years.

Let's hope Nintendo can reel in more companies like Rain Games to flesh out a diverse and quality-stricken library of independent titles for the Wii U. The Big 'N' is a few steps behind Sony in this regard, who has been racking up developers and indie titles since last year in order to have an unbelievably mammoth launch line-up for the PlayStation 4 and a first-year library of more than 140 games.

We're still rooting for you Nintendo; you saved the industry once before and while we're on the verge of collapse yet again, maybe... just maybe, with the help from quality titles like Teslagrad you can save it again.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.