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Respawn Entertainment has put out a brisk yet curt response in regards to Titanfall hitting the glorious resolution 1080p for the Xbox One. It's not happening... at all.

The Xbox brand (and PC) exclusive may be promoted as the killer-app to save the Xbox One from entering down the pathway of Xbox Done, rectifying a problem that unfortunately put the Wii U down the roadway of Nintendoom last year, but it won't be the killer app that pushes any graphical boundaries.

MCV UK picked up tweets from CEO Vince Zampella, who responded to someone who asked about a rumor that was starting to catch fire across fan-sites and forum boards, that Titanfall would be 1080p on the Xbox One, doubling the pixel output of its little brother, the Xbox 360. Check out Zampella's response below...

I love how Zampella quickly exits himself from the conversation following that response, avoiding the console war flames that quickly proceeds. Wise move, Vince. If you don't come equipped with a built-in, liquid-cooled pair of flameproof jockstraps, you aren't going to do anything but fry your nuts if you try to enter the kitchen... and fried nuts are a fanboy's specialty.

As far as Titanfall's native resolution for the Xbox One go... there's really no telling at this point. There are rumors that the game may hit 900p by launch, this would be up from the 792p it ran at during the semi-open beta.

I tend to think that Respawn went with 792p as a last minute thing to avoid completely settling at the long-rumored 720p mark that many insiders claimed that Titanfall would run at by launch.

Then again, maybe they were just diddling around the office and that it would be totally fun to get the game to hit an oddball resolution that doesn't quite fit anyone's TV properly without upscaling.

One thing is made quite apparent, though, and it's that it doesn't look quite so good that the killer app for the Xbox One isn't hitting the Holy Grail of eighth gen resolutions. I suppose, so long as the game isn't sharing the exact same resolution as the Xbox 360 version, then it's all good. I mean, who wants to play the exact same game on their new $500 system when they could have spared themselves the cash and bought it on the 360?

Anyway, the time is almost drawing near for the official launch of Titanfall for PC and Xbox One (the Xbox 360 version was delayed for whatever reason). In just two week's time the pixel counters, the screen tearers and the graphics whores will be able to pick apart Titanfall, pixel by pixel, and see exactly what resolution Respawn settled with for the Xbox One. If I were a betting man I would probably say that they're going to maintain 792p, just because the game was already dropping frames at that resolution on the Xbox One during beta. Bumping up the resolution to 900p is just asking for conspicuous frame dips.

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