The resolution war continues, as the Xbox brand (and PC) exclusive, Titanfall, has been confirmed to run at 1408x792p, for now.

The highly awaited beta, at this very moment – which was showcased to press ahead of the game's selective beta due to launch this week – is running between an odd resolution setting, as noted by the pixel counters over at Digital Foundry, who managed to get their hands on some uncompressed, 60 frames per second gameplay footage. If you have the bandwidth and some time to spare, it's worth checking out the footage they have over there.

Richard Leadbetter made an astute and scarily accurate guess that the resolution wasn't quite as clear cut as some rumors have lead on, discounting the 720p claims and putting it closer to 1408x792. Believe it or not, Respawn Entertainment's community manager Abbie Heppe told Peter from Titanfallblog that the game was, indeed, running native 792p.

Now, as we know, the previous convention displays of Titanfall were running on Nvidia GTX cards in full HD, but it was pretty obvious following the eSRAM issues – and other first-party titles not being able to hit native 1080p – that Titanfall might struggle as well, despite running on a highly modified version of Valve's tried and true Source Engine.

Furthermore, according to Titanfallblog, Respawn Entertainment – with just a few weeks left to ship, and likely prepping to go gold within the next two weeks – is edging closer to upping the resolution as high as possible without any quality loss. They estimate that the game may ship at 900p.

Given the Xbox One's track record for resolution bungling, I can't say that I'm either disappointed or surprised. In fact, it would be more of a relief if the game actually does hit 900p before going gold, because it would show that the Xbox One at least has some modicum of breathing room.

A lot of the resolution woes have been linked to the system's eSRAM for caching data. It's high-bandwidth and low memory stash is cause for concern and has many developers lamenting it as a bottleneck, similar to the PS3's massively jangled multi-SPU setup for the Cell. In fact, Rebellion Games simply came out and said that the eSRAM is what seems to be the cause for a lack of 1080p in many Xbox One games.

Nevertheless, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison chimed in to defend the big black box, tweeting the following...

Right. Whatever you say Mr. Harrison.

I'm not going to get into the whole thing about Forza 5 being downgraded to hit 1080p at 60fps, but whatever.

Anyway, even if Respawn manages to hit 900p natively for the Xbox One version of Titanfall, they're still losing about 115,000 pixels to the average full HD PC display. Still, at least the Xbox One version won't be sharing the same 720p resolution as the Xbox 360 version, am I right? I mean, that would be embarrassing. I'm sure Antonio Banderas would agree...

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