Titanfall Xbox One Player Ranks Reset, Microsoft And EA Are Investigating

Moving up the ranks in Titanfall has proven more difficult than expected. Some players on the Xbox One version of the game report that their progression was reset in the past few days.

"I went from level 37 after prestiging once and just fell to level 1," said one user on the EA forums. "Has no one seriously addressed this? I don't even want to play the game right now that's how pissed off I am. I could understand if it were like some of you only like level 9, but I prestiged and got back to 37. Like that's ridiculous."

"Same issue happened to me. Played on 3/12 and got to level 9 or 10 PM EST . Woke up at 5am EST and my character was back to level 1," said another gamer.

While not everyone had their progression wiped, it seems that many players have. The forum thread about the bug now has 28 pages' worth of replies.

An EA community manager chimed in on the thread in time, asking players to provide their platform, Gamertag, country and data center when reporting the bug. They also ask you to note whether or not you've purchased the Titanfall Season Pass. Many of the gamers encountering the issue haven't purchased the Pass, though, so it seems unlikely that's what's causing the issue.

EA has since added the Xbox One progression loss to their running list of Titanfall errors. They list this quote from the Xbox support staff: "Has your ranking in Titanfall been reset? As you read this message, we’re moving toward a fix, and we appreciate your patience during this process."

As a newly launched game, Titanfall's bound to have a few bugs. Some of them, like the glitch that lets pilots rodeo each other, are hilarious. Progression loss is not quite as fun, though. Titanfall lets you unlock an array of weapons and abilities for your Pilot and Titan over time and losing access to all these toys is quite a blow. You're essentially losing hours of work.

Hopefully players' progress can be restored. EA hasn't made any promises, though. When a similar bug happened in GTA Online, Rockstar found that they were unable to return players' progression. They were forced tohand out in-game cash to everyone as compensation for the problem.

Titanfall launched this week on the Xbox One and PC. You can find out more about the game by checking out our review.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.