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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the PlayStation Plus update for March is looking dynamite, featuring a bunch of new games for the Instant Game Collection on Vita, an adventure with Lara Croft on the PlayStation 3, and a romp through the zombie apocalypse on the PlayStation 4.

The March Plus update is kind of massive, so it's tough to even know where to begin. I suppose the easiest way to carve this turkey is to go by console, so we'll begin with the PlayStation 4. Sony's new home game box is getting Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition this month, an updated version of the PS3 dual-stick shooter featuring a ridiculous number of the shambling undead.

My buddy and I played through Dead Nation on the PS3 a while back and had a blast, especially once we started upgrading some of those more devastating weapons. The game will go on sale for $14.99 when it launches on March 4 or, if you've got Plus, you'll get it free of charge. Coming from the team at Housemarque, the folks behind Stardust and Resogun, you know that you're in store for an addictive romp that plays as good as it looks. The PS4 version is in full 1080p HD, a new control layout for better weapon selection, the Road to Devastation expansion, and the ability to use the Vita as a companion device to help you monitor your stats while you play. Even cooler is the fact that a Challenge Mode has been added to keep things nice and competitive with your friends, and a Broadcast+ mode, that lets your viewers decide on a positive or negative in-game effect every so often. That's just rad.

And we're only just getting started here. The PS3 is getting three titles in March, beginning with last year's smash hit, Tomb Raider. Go on Lara Croft's first adventure in this third-person-shooting origin story and find out what event helped mold her into the pistol-packing spelunker we all know and love. The PS3 version of puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone will also join the PS3 IGC this month, along with the artistic survival horror game, Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut.

The Vita is getting a duo of titles in March, including a beloved hunting title and a third-person shooter that, let's face it, is also kind of a hunting title. First up is Unit 13, the mission-focused shooter that lets players jump into various scenarios with class-based soldiers in an attempt to complete their mission as quickly and cleanly as possible. The game also boasts daily mission challenges, as well as the ability to play co-op with a buddy. Finally, there's Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, a game all about preparing for battle, crafting your own gear, then hunting down giant dragons with up to three friends.

Look for all of that, along with the typical dose of discounts, betas, etc, to head to PlayStation Plus throughout March.

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