Finally, something featuring Sean Bean where he doesn't die (I don't think?). The man of many deaths lends his acting voice talents to a game that seems to be in contention for a GOTY, or at least the launch trailer from RailWorks' seems to suggest that the game is worth a look as a legitimate GOTY contender.

The actor best known for being “death in motion” does a superb job of bringing Train Simulator 2014 to life like no one else possibly could... except for maybe Patrick Stewart – heck, that man could impregnate anyone with swooning prose.

Anyway, Bean gets nitty and gritty in the launch trailer for Train Simulator 2014, he brings an Oscar caliber vocal performance to the table as if his life depended on it, and knowing that it's Sean Bean, his life probably did depend on it. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if Railworks had a gun to his head, or at least promised not to shoot during the recording of the audio session.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sean Bean, he's the man that let us know Winter was Coming in The Game of Thrones before being beheaded. He was the man that tried to best Harrison Ford in a series of patriot games before being blown to bits. He was the man that tried to ravage the hands of Frodo and take the one ring to rule them all before going down in a blaze of glory to the piercing blows of iron-tipped arrows. He was the man the man that lead a pseudo-rebellion against the system and paid the ultimate price for it. He was the man that read poetry in front of one of the deadliest Clerics and got his head blown off for the trouble. He was the man that carried the Black Death with him and died violently because of it.

Yes, before you used to think Michael Biehn and Sean Pertwee died a lot in their films, but neither compares to Sean Bean... the man of many deaths.

At least he was able to make it to the end of the trailer without dying. That should count for something.

Fans of Train Simulator 2014 can pick the game up starting today. Yes, it's now available. You probably don't care much, though, because the only important thing about this trailer was the fact that Sean Bean seemingly survived and turned in an OSCAR (or GOTY in this case) worthy performance to match.

In the minds of Bean's fans, you can always believe that Ned Stark lived on to ride trains for the remainder of his days, avoiding the northern parts of Europe and staying clear of the cold, always whispering to himself...”Winter is coming”.

You can learn more about Train Simulator 2014 by paying a visit to the official Steam page.

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