The fate of the galaxy will soon be decided as Transformers Universe, the MMO from Jagex Games Studio featuring everybody’s favorite Autobots and Decepticons, preps for launch. In order to get everyone ready for the epic showdown, the developer and Hasbro Inc. have partnered to set up a founders program, offering all sorts of in-game goodies for those who wish to fork over some cash in these earlier stages of development.

At this point in the game, founders programs should come as no surprise to veterans of free-to-play MMOs. They give players a way to save a little cash by investing in a game early, as well as provide vanity items that let others who play the game know that “you were into the game before everyone else thought it was cool.”

The founders program from Transformers Universe is no different, offering packages that range from the extremely reasonable, all the way up to the “wait, somebody actually paid that much money?”

“There are four available packs on offer to players—bronze, silver, gold and cybernite—and all Founders will be immortalized in the Founders Honor Roll,” reads a statement from Jagex. “The extras are fully dependent on the pack purchased, but will range from equipment bundles, warrior upgrades and in-game tools, through to exclusive warriors and body kits.”

Those who join the founders program will also get a heaping helping of in-game currency, season pass options, access to time-exclusive warriors at launch and other goodies.

“For those founders taking advantage of the top level cybernite pack, they will receive a 50cm tall Transformers Universe figurine that has been specially commissioned for the game, with a very limited worldwide run,” continues the official announcement.

I don’t think they’ll have to worry about a mad rush on those exclusive figures, as that top tier in the program will set you back half a G. No kidding. But that’s me getting a little bit ahead of myself. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

First up is the bronze pack, which will set you back $44.99 and comes with a special avatar, the founders honor roll inclusion, 60 days combo season pass and $30 worth of relics (in-game currency). The silver pack is $59.99, which is usually in my wheelhouse when I’m looking at programs like this. I figure that’s what I’d pay for a new game anyway, so it’s probably not a bad place to start. The silver pack comes with its own avatar, the founders honor roll thing, 90 days on the season pass and $50 worth of relics. You also get two special warriors and a large item bundle.

For those looking for the “best value,” according to the site, the gold pack is $119.99, includes its own avatar and honor roll inclusion, 180 days on the season pass and $100 in in-game currency. There’s also more warriors added to the silver pack, body kits and “a whole lot more.” Finally, there’s the crazy-as-hell cybernite pack, which, which you can have at a steal for $449.99. That’ll get you the avatar, honor roll, a year on the season pass, $250.00 of in-game moolah, six exclusive bots and bodykits, a whole bunch of upgrades, as well as the limited edition figure.

Ready to roll out? Then head on over to the official site for more details and to buy your founders pack today.

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