Trine 2 is all about co-op adventure and puzzle solving in a fantasy land of magic and monsters and, come Sept. 6, the Goblin Menace expansion pack looks to give knights, wizards and thieves the world over even more reasons to keep on questing.

Headed to PC and Mac via Steam, Goblin Menace bolsters the original Trine 2 experience with six new levels to explore, as well as all new abilities to master. Even cooler is the fact that those new abilities will be accessible in the original game, giving players a nice incentive to go back and play it all over again.

If you happen to own the Trine 2: Collector's Edition, you don't have to wait until the Goblin Menace's Sept. 6 release date to see what types of devious puzzles and mischievous new monsters the DLC will have to offer. A beta version of Goblin Menace is available for Collector's Edition owners right now, giving you the chance to dive into the first two levels nice and early.

“We wanted to give our loyal fans something extra and also get some early feedback before the official launch,” said Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvarinen. “Goblin Menace is compatible with the original Trine 2 in multiplayer, and this is one of the areas we want to focus on during the beta test. We've been working on Goblin Menace for almost a year and are very proud of it.”

Don't let em down, folks. Log on, try it out, and let the folks at Frozenbyte know what you think.

Goblin Menace will be $7.99, sporting a small launch discount for early buyers on Steam. For those waiting on the Wii U version of the game, you'll be happy to know that Goblin Meanace will be available right out of the box when the game drops for Nintendo's new console later this year.

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