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Those of us in the Games section of Cinema Blend have been fortunate enough to avoid discussing teenage vampire series Twilight even as it consumed the Film section earlier this year. Now, however, it seems someone's making a game based on it.

A developer called BrainJunk Studios seems to have grabbed the license to create a Twilight game (via Eurogamer). The website for the project, called simply Twilight The Video Game, doesn't mention a release date. No platform is mentioned either but it seems like a PC game based on what little is revealed on the official website.

The description is pretty vague but it seems to be some mix of multiplayer and single-player. It's a "non-linear" experience that allows you to "journey through the events of the Twilight saga and experience the story from the perspectives of some of your most beloved characters." You'll be able to create a character and "play in multiplayer as a human, vampire, and werewolf." There's also some mention of decorating houses and flipping through a journal.

It was only a matter of time, right? It's surprising that none of the bigger companies out there beat BrainJunk to the punch. Whether or not it's a franchise that translates well to gaming, the fact remains that it's a lucrative opportunity.