A new trailer was released exclusively to G4's X-Play, featuring the character of Salim. There are a few plot points explicitly given away in the cinematic trailer, as well as how Drake and Salim meet. So if you don’t want the experience spoiled don't watch the following trailer (but come on, you know you want to…you know you really want to).

For the rest of you scoundrels out there who don’t mind ruining the novelty of your $60 game purchase, feel free to check out the following video trailer courtesy of X-Play. You get quite a few details on one of the game’s main story points as well as what happens to one of Drake’s friends. Scope it out below.

Spoilers or not, you have to admit that the trailer really does make you want to play the game. I can’t imagine any fan of action-adventure titles -- rare as they are these days -- not being excited after seeing that short clip. Added to that, if the trailer above didn’t get you all worked up maybe watching the launch trailer will do the trick. If all else fails, check out Han Solo playing as his Indiana Jones-clone, that might get you stoked for Uncharted 3. If that doesn’t work then it’s hopeless and you just hate video games a whole, whole lot.

You can look for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 to drop exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on November 1st. Need more info? Want to pre-order? Be sure to visit the Official Website.

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