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Video Surfaces Of Microsoft Employee Promoting Xbox One At Wii U's Best Buy Event

You know that picture floating around of the Microsoft employee allegedly attending the Best Buy event that Nintendo held during E3 for the Wii U? Yeah, you know...the fellow with the fleshy waist-girth and buxom chest? Well, the actual video footage has been released and it kind of drives the nail a little deeper into the coffin...just a little bit.

So a couple of days ago we reported on images that had been spreading around of a Microsoft employee trying to sway people over to the side of the Xbone. The image was damning enough on its own because there's no good reason why an employee from a competing company should be amongst a throng of people just trying to check out a product. However, as the video above showcases, the employee was talking up the Xbox One and trying to shoot down some of the negative publicity being generated, primarily regarding the privacy concerns of Kinect.

My Nintendo News recently posted up the news story that quickly generated a lot of heat on an already flamed-out, charcoal-crisp horse carcass.

Now, a reputable and self-respecting individual would have passed by the news and left the chuckles for those who don't mind pointing and laughing at the kid who drops his pants and forgot to put on his underwear. However, we're not that kind of individual and if you take a few moments out of your day to stop and laugh at the kid with no underwear, then we can all be a little bit despicable together.

All truth be told, at this point it's become so sad and so pathetic that I imagine there are a lot of executives at Microsoft sitting in an empty room, crying with heedless emotion in a poorly lit corner...”why, why didn't we hire that infomercial guy Kevin Trudeau to do the PR for us? Whyyyyyyy?!”

It's okay time, you'll know to get that infomercial guy to peddle the DRM for you, and this way you won't have a problem with a PR backlash that causes people like Major Nelson to snatch microphones out of Angry Joe's hands.

On the opposite side of the fence, I'm betting Iwata and Reggie are knocking back that Miller Lite like it was college night. With Super Smash Bros. Wii U on the horizon featuring the return of the original Blue Bomber, a new Super Mario title and Mario Kart 8 all scheduled to release on the Wii U, Nintendo can't actually be in a better position with their DRM-free console. All they need now is a price-cut and a few good TV ads. At that point, it's a short ride to the bank.

Ride that good PR to the bank Nintendo...ride it!

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.