Video Surfaces Of Microsoft, Xbox One Getting Booed At EVO 2013

The video from the live stream of Day 3 of the EVO 2013 finals has become available, featuring the rancid crowd showing no love for Microsoft and the Xbox One during the announcement of Double Helix and Mad Catz working hand-in-hand with the mini 'M' for Killer Instinct. There was zero love for the Redmond, Washington giant and the EVO crowd was having none of it. None. Of. It.

Did you just watch that video above? Check the 0:55 second mark. Microsoft just got denied like Obama trying to pass a universal healthcare system for Americans; denied like a pimply faced teen trying to ask out the highschool hottie to the prom; denied like a young couple trying to get a sub-prime mortgage loan from the bank; denied like Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars. Believe it.

The video isn't very long, so just after the duo of Markman and Filthy Rich are introduced to the audience, following an amazing grand finale for Injustice: Gods Among Us, they begin talking about the partnership of Mad Catz and Double Helix for Killer Instinct, we eventually have them mention that the game will be exclusive for Microsoft's Xbox One, at that point it's like gamers just activated...

Dang, it just got salty in here.

Just watch that video again at the 0:55 mark and revel in that gamer rage. So why the rage? Simple, because the previous Xbox One policies would have negated FGC events given that you couldn't rent or share games across multiple systems and it would have been an organizational nightmare for any XB1 game featured in the tournament.

While Microsoft and Major “Flip Switcher” Nelson may have one-upped Angry Joe at E3 this year, the scoreboard is looking a heck of a lot different with the actual gaming community. New score:

Gaming Community: 2

Microsoft: 0

Dang, those numbers carry some serious hype with them. There's going to be some butt-hurt salty-bets going on at the Redmond headquarters. Gamers better watch out for those reputation managers.

At this junction I'm just trying to figure out how Microsoft will be able to win-back the core gamer?

The Amazon best-seller charts aren't looking entirely in favor of the Xbox One heading into the holiday season. The general polls aren't looking good for the Xbox One, the general crowd reactions aren't looking good for the Xbox One, especially at the Best Buy Wii U event, and the general online consensus seems to be that this is the NSA Spy Box One.

The one thing Microsoft certainly has to hope for is that Nintendo doesn't kick it up a notch over the next year. A price cut and the roll out of their first-party killer apps could be detrimental to Microsoft's market share for the Xbox One.

So what will Microsoft do to change the perception of their console in the eyes of the core gamers? The first adopters? The people they pissed off beyond reconciliation? I mean, really, if Killer Instinct can't win them over... nothing can.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.