With its release for the PS3 only a short ways away, Virtua Fighter 5 is on the verge of upping the levels of next-generation fighting. While Dead or Alive 4 may have opened the initial doors for next-gen fighting games, it’ll be Virtua Fighter 5 that defines the genre...possibly. Still, there’s a new video of compiled battles that show off each of the fighter’s skills.

Featuring 17 diverse fighters, each with their own style, combos and specials, plus an additional 2 new fighters, VF5 is the biggest Virtua Fighter game to date. Whether or not it will contain enough content and fighting depth to legitimately dethrone DOA 4 from the 360's defaulted king of next-gen fighters, is a whole other story. But it will be the first to set the bar for the Playstation 3.

More combos, more moves and new modes could either prove to establish itself as a veritable standalone fighter, or on the worse end of the stick, make the game a hold-me-off title until Tekken 6 for the PS3 arrives. Fighting to earn money in order to unlock new accessories and items for the characters seems pretty cool. But in the end, it’s only the fighting that matters. So without further ado, you can check out the battle compilation video below.

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