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The second episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two will arrive next week, Telltale Games announced. They've set a firm release date for the PS3, PC and Mac versions of the adventure game.

Episode 2, "A House Divided," will be released through PSN in North America on March 4th. The episode can be purchased for $4.99 or as part of the $24.99 Season Pass. The Pass gives you access to all five episodes of the Season 2 as they're released.

PC and Mac gamers will get Episode 2 on March 4th as well. They can buy it through Steam, the Telltale Games store and other digital retailers. Unlike console gamers, though, they can't buy episodes individually.

"Dates for Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation Network in Europe, and the iOS App Store will be confirmed shortly," Telltale said. "Please standby and stay tuned to @telltalegames on Twitter for further release date details as they become available."

Generally new episodes of Walking Dead arrive on all platforms within the same week. It's very possible that the Xbox 360, European PS3 and iOS launch will happen on the 5th or shortly after that.

PS Vita owners, meanwhile, are still waiting for Episode 1. Telltale says that they'll release the first two episodes for Season 2 on Vita "towards the end of March." Like console gamers, Vita owners can buy individual episodes or the season pass.

The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story of Clementine. After the events of the first season, she was forced to strike out on her own. Clem found a new group of survivors in Episode 1 but the trailer for "A House Divided" suggests that she won't be allowed to relax for long. Her new group is far from safe.

The first episode struck me as very jumpy and over-the-top. Now that Telltale has introduced the main cast of the season, though, I'm hoping the story improves. The first season set a high bar of quality for the developers to live up to.

The new trailer for Episode 2, along with a couple fresh screenshots, are below.

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