Warframe Will Support Cross-Platform Play Between PS4, PC

The bridge between home consoles and PC is thinning greatly, as companies like Digital Extremes aims to connect both the PC and PS4 in a marriage of cross-platform gameplay the likes of which we haven't seen since that gosh-awful game Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

VG 24/7 has an amazing feature on the development process and porting of Warframe to the PlayStation 4, noting that it only took Digital Extremes three months to get the game from running no a PC to working just about flawlessly on the show floor at this year's E3 trade show. Mad respect for them for being able to accomplish that feat in such a short amount of time.

The team is aiming for 1080p 60fps on Sony's next-generation machine, but they're also aiming for something even more ambitious: cross-platform compatibility.

For gamers who may not be able to afford a high-end gaming rig or for gamers who already have a gaming rig and can't afford a PS4, the option to play with your friends no matter what platform they're rocking is the kind of bipartisanship of which console war dream scenarios are made.

As noted by writer Dave Cook...

[Creative Director Steve Sinclair] told Sony at the show that he wanted Warframe to be updated every week or two weeks, and that players would be able to team up with PC users using cross-platform. They agreed no questions asked. It surprised Sinclair as he initially feared there would be many political hurdles blocking his team’s ambition, particularly when cross-play was concerned. It was a non-issue for Sony.

A “non-issue”... Can you believe that?

The team has also added in options for PS4 gamers to make use of either controllers or a keyboard and mouse, so all is fair in love and console wars.

How many games out there have really pushed for cross-platform play? While I know that sort of defeats the purpose of a competitive, exclusive platform, it still opens up for some fun competitive opportunities for gamers and I'm glad Digital Extremes is at least exploring this option on the cooperative side of Warframe.

Also, unlike the Xbox Live policies, there are no pay-wall requirements for Warframe, as Sony had already stated that developers don't have to put their games behind PlayStation Plus if they don't want to.

Digital Extremes also noted that the microtransaction option wouldn't be a problem with Sony and they can operate it independent of having to attach the function to the PlayStation Plus service. This is great news for smaller developers who don't have the resources or infrastructure to completely overhaul their game to suit the console manufacturer's requirements.

Warframe will be one of the 140 games released for the PlayStation 4 in its first year and will be a launch title along with a large number of other games as well.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.