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Assassin's Creed Syndicate came out yesterday and...I just can't. I'm just preemptively bored by Assassin's Creed at this point. I've climbed too many towers, dove into too many hay piles, and felled too many enemies with silent blades.

It's not a bad series. Syndicate, in particular, seems to be getting pretty good reviews. Still, I think I'm not suited to playing annual sequels. I just don't miss any series enough to get excited for a new game every fall. There are too many other options out there. Why pick a sequel that's 90% of what you expect when you can try something completely new?

Top Stories Of The Week
Halo 5 PC Version Isn't As Unlikely As We Thought - Retraction coming in three, two, one.

Rock Band 4 Developer Admits To Posting Five-Star Reviews On Amazon - Silly Harmonix. Don't you know you're supposed to hire people to do that for you?

This Multiplayer Shooter Bans You Permanently When You Die Once - This sounds like something Peter Molyneux's fake Twitter account would come up with.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS3 And Xbox 360 Have Much Worse Framerate - Last-gen exclusive feature!

Why Firefly Actor Left Uncharted 4 Cast - Man, you could make a pretty great game just be employing the people who left Uncharted 4's development.

Konami Denies Hideo Kojima Has Left Company - He's on vacation, according to Konami. They also reassure us that our dead dog is actually living on a nice farm.

Malcolm In the Middle Video Game Isn't What You'd Expect At All - Sadly, it's not a beat 'em up starring Bryan Cranston.

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Commercial Targets Superfans - It's really easy to hit those superfans, too, because of the lack of recoil on these blasters.

Origin Accounts Reportedly Hacked - Someone does care about Origin after all.

Valve Explains Why Steam Doesn't Have Ads - Why waste valuable storefront space with ads when you can waste it with recommendations from Hodor, hand-picked quotes from the press and jokey user reviews?

Video Of The Week
A group of GTA 5 players try to race across a crowded street:

Quote Of The Week
“[Robin Walker] made Team Fortress when he was seven years-old or two or something in the bush in Australia with no electricity. On paper. If you ask Robin in passing, ‘What do you think about people being able to pay for mods,’ his reaction is gonna be like, ‘That’s awesome! I wish I had that option before I was a professional working at Valve. I wanted to pay bills and have a customer base,’” - Erik Johnson, in an interview about potentially bringing paid mods back to Steam.

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