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The Weird Reward For Getting 240% Completion In Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight has been in the news quite a lot. The news is about 50/50 in terms of being about it being broken on PC or some new DLC being released. This time around it's about a special hidden trinket Rocksteady locked away in the game for those who get a 240% completion rate in the game.

GamesRadar came across a video uploaded by YouTuber Sean Meyers who discovered that at the 240% completion rate you unlock a special Batsuit v8.05 – Prestige Edition. You can see the suit in action with the video below.

It's a quick video and it's tough to really get a good look at the v8.05 suit given that it's dark and hard to see, but the only notable change that I can see is how the livery on the Arkham Knight rendition of the Batsuit appears to be slightly altered; the bat on the chest plate is no longer black. The bat-logo is now a clearly defined gold, paying homage to the old Batsuits where they had a yellow emblem located at the center.

The torso section of the suit is also darkened, only ever-so-slightly. It's all still black but now the center appears to be a crushed black instead of the grayish tone that the original Arkham Knight suit carries. Otherwise the suit isn't all that much different from the standard, enhanced suit that Batman original dons in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The 240% completion rate is no easy thing to get. According to Games Radar you'll have to beat Batman: Arkham Knight twice to get the 200%. The first time you can beat it normally but the second time you'll have to beat the New Game+ mode to achieve the 200% rating. Up next you'll have to complete all of the game's DLC for the extra 40%. Now, when you beat the game the first two times you'll also have to complete all of the Riddler's side-objectives as well. Yeah, all of the annoying ones, too.

The new v8.05 skin appears to have been tucked away inside the latest Season of Infamy DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, which was the final piece of DLC for 2015.

Outside of someone actually going through the painstaking process of beating the game twice and beating all of the DLC, there's no way anyone would have actually known about Rocksteady's super-secret skin in Batman: Arkham Knight. Thank goodness for YouTube, right?

Now that gamers know how to unlock the skin they can get their hands on it with a little extra work and a lot of running around Gotham to complete the Riddler's tasks. If you don't care that much about the suit, there's nothing to worry about. Arkham Knight is still filled to the brim with different skins for Batman and the other playable characters, so missing out on the Prestige Edition v8.05 skin is no real huge loss unless you're one of those completionist types.

Batman: Arkham Knight's Season of Infamy DLC is available right now for season pass holders.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.