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2012 is dead. It's finished. Done. Zeroed out. We're now toe deep in 2013 and guess what? Yup, the most important thing of 2012 didn't, not the Mayan apocalypse, I'm talking about the standalone version of DayZ. Why? Because obviously the team wanted to take their time and do it right to avoid all the carnage and fiasco parties that some other developers kicked up when they prematurely launched.

The DayZ Tumblr covers some good points about the progress of where the team is with the project. Basically, after the WarZ fallout they've decided to take things slower by dedicating more time to a polished product. What they're working on for DayZ sounds amazing. Here's a brief rundown:

* Inventory system has been revamped and easier to use
* Users can now drag-and-drop items into inventory slots
* Items show up in 3D so you can see what they really are
* You no longer scavenge piles but instead you scavenge parts
* Some items may eventually carry diseases so you have to be careful
* Shooting another player in the head to take night-vision goggles will damage the goggles
* Clothes and items can carry bacteria so you will have to be careful what you come in contact with
* Interior designs have been modified for a more post-apocalyptic feel
* New UI design is similar to Minecraft as opposed to Arma II.

The base architecture of the engine is about complete and Dean “Rocket” Hall and crew will be entering closed beta testing for the engine mechanics soon. There won't be an NDA so those who will get to participate can share videos. However, take note that the CBT will be for the engine design and ensuring the architecture has appropriate groundwork. The game itself won't be playable until they move into an opened/closed alpha test for the game itself.

Definitely exciting news. Are you more or less excited about DayZ and do you think it was a good idea for the game to be delayed to make improvements to the base design?

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