Whether Pacific Rim Flops Or Not, The Game Is Looking Good

Guuillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim goes live at theaters this weekend, starting tomorrow. The movie looks like all kinds of righteous badass and it's basically the closest thing fans of the Evangelion series will ever get to a life-action film. Now, if you're an entertainment aficionado of the interactive sort, you'll probably also dig the new game that just released for mobile devices, as well.

While there is some speculation over whether the movie will flop or not, sci-fi fans will at least show up to support some giant monster-on-machine Wrestlemania-style action.

Now, before I talk about the game I'll probably need to set things up so you at least know what's going on (assuming you haven't watched any of the awesome trailers, one of which is embedded below). But basically it's an inverse situation of Neon Genesis Evangelion – where instead of giant monster aliens (called Angels) falling from the sky, they dig their way out from under the earth... or in this case, the pacific rim (10 points for that one). While the monsters, known as Kaiju, come out to play, humans find ways to fight back and stop the modern-day Godzilla creatures from wrecking all sorts of havoc, so they create Jaegers, giant machines piloted by humans that pretty much look and behave almost identical to the Evangelions, minus the creepy organic part... I think.

Anyway, gamers will be able to take all the monster-flesh pounding action with them while they engage in some one-on-one monster mayhem fights using various iterations of the Jaegers. Even more than that, the game sports five different Jaegers that you can customize and outfit with the latest in monster-age prevention technology, as noted on iClarified.

One of the neat parts about the game – other than the graphics – is that it aims to explore additional elements not covered in the film. Gamers will experience additional Kaiju, new weapons, and even some light RPG mechanics as they level-up and progress through the game or take on endless waves of enemies in the survival mode. I kind of dig that.

My only gripe would be that this isn't at least for slightly larger gaming platforms. I'm not too keen on the whole mobile thing but I must say that the graphics for this game look bad-to-the-ass, and if the control scheme isn't whack like some titles out there, it could at least provide some solid entertainment for gamers who love to unleash some devastation in some giant, cool looking robots, similar to Infinity Blade.

You can check out the Pacific Rim movie trailer below, so you know what's what, along with a few screenshots of the game so you can see just how close they kept many of the monster and Jaeger designs.

Pacific Rim for mobile devices is available for $4.99 and you can pick up a digital copy from the iTunes app store (opens in new tab) or pay a visit to movie website to learn more.

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