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Nintendo dropped their financial report for their hardware and software sales, as well as forecasts and revenue reports throughout the year and forward looking into the rest of the year. All the dollar bill to yen mumbo jumbo doesn't mean a lick of spit to most gamers; the only thing that matters is whether or not the Wii U is still viable, and it looks like the Wii U is still viable.

The report indicates that the Wii U has shifted a total of 5.86 million stock keeping units. By comparison, VG Chartz is reporting that the number is 5.52, so the latter is working on a discrepancy of about 300,000 units. The gap at least appears to be closing for the Wii U to hit 6 million even (which could potentially happen sometime in February) and it will keep the Wii U competing and staving off the market share domination of the PS4 from Sony.

As noted in Nintendo's earnings report, they totaled about $15.3 million in operating losses, down from the massive bill they totaled up in 2012 (mostly due to the preparation and launch of the Wii U). The total net sales came up to around ¥499 billion yen, which roughly translates into $4.8 billion dollars.

While the report praises the success of the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X/Y like natural born kids getting 'A's and 'B'S on their report card, the Wii U gets the redheaded stepchild treatment prone to domestic abuse after bringing home 'C's and 'D's, with the Big 'N's financial report stating...
“With respect to “Wii U,” Nintendo released key first-party title's such as “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD,” “Wii Party U” and “Super Mario 3D World” from the summer toward the year-end sales season. While these titles each sold over one million units, the “Wii U” business as a whole was not able to recover fully, and the global sales of the “Wii U” hardware and software reached only 2.41 million and 15.96 million units respectively.”

The 3DS now sits at 42.7 million units sold, where-as the DS is sitting at 153 million units sold. In the last quarter, Nintendo shifted 11.6 million 3DS units, 7.4 million 3DS XL units, 2.1 million 2DS units and 110,000 DS units.

Overall, Nintendo performed under par but not so horribly that it would call for a lot of the Nintendoom that's been circulating the media wires like paparazzi on a drunk and downed Nick Nolte... well, back when paparazzi had a reason to stalk Nick Nolte... in 1982.

The fact that the Wii U is up to 5.86 million units sold is a great feat, and they they're aiming for 6.2 million by March. That means over the course of January and February Nintendo will need to move at least 350,000 or so SKUs, especially throughout the forthcoming month, to match and then beat the forecast by a sizable margin.

If Nintendo can hit the coveted 6.2 million mark like they were some binge drinking hobo trying to set a new drinking record without blowing their prostate out of their rectum and making a mess of the bar room, they could really keep pace in thwarting Pachter's low opinion of Nintendo's Wii U's sales performance.

It should go without saying, the Pach-Man estimates that the PS4 will beat the Wii U in global SKUs shifted before spring is out. Right now, Nintendo is the market leader and they're desperately trying to keep hold of the lead as Sony tries to head in for the overtake like Jeff Gordon edging out Dale Earnhardt Jr., on a typical left turn.

Funnily enough, Nintendo's least-worried-about competition this gen appears to be in the Xbox One, which is still struggling to get to the 4 million sold mark, almost like Mickey Rourke trying to get back to having a normal face.

Hopefully, Iwata has some big bombs to drop during some upcoming Nintendo Directs to keep the doomsayers quiet and the dead-wanters left wanting.

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