Wii U Shooter Splatoon Now Playable In Minecraft

Minecraft is the indie game that just keeps on giving. Some enterprising individuals have managed to completely recreate the Wii U exclusive shooter Splatoon within the confines of Minecraft.

YouTuber SethBling with the help of his buddies created a playable version of Splatoon inside of Minecraft. You can see it in action with the 15 minute video below.

They play a couple of games and explain how the modification works. Basically the rules are setup just like Splatoon on the Wii U when it comes to the competitive team play. Two teams must attempt to control the map by spraying it up with as much paint as possible. Sounds easy? Well, depending on your paint tool and your teamwork will determine how effective you and your team will be at winning the game.

In the Minecraft edition there's a three limit timer and whoever covers the map with their color the most wins the game.

Players can choose between three different weapons, a charge shot, a splatter shot and the roller. The charge shot is the bow from Minecraft and sprays a line of paint along the ground. The splatter shot is like throwing paint snowballs around and the roller is a close-quarters tool that can roll alongside walls and the ground, and it instantly kills opponents if you hit them with it. Of course, the roller has no range, so that's the tradeoff.

If you run out of paint in your tool you can recharge it just like Splatoon on the Wii U by turning into a squid while you're on your own paint. It will refill your ammo and allow you to get back to spray-painting the map (or your opponents). While turned into a squid, you're capable of scaling walls (if you're moving along your own paint) or move up obstacles to get to a higher place. You can turn into a squid by simply pressing the '2' through '9' number keys.

For now there are only two teams to choose from, the green and purple teams. You can select which team to be on by simply standing in the team queue while in the waiting room.

SethBling mentions during the video that the reason he went with the current map is because it was the only one with enough screenshots and videos available to accurately model it in Minecraft. It's not quite 1:1 but it's close enough. The other more complex maps were a bit outside of his scope because he doesn't have a Wii U and couldn't properly get images of the maps.

Even still, he was able to recreate enough of Splatoon in Minecraft to make it playable. One YouTube commenter, The Viking Entertainer cracked a joke about total conversion mods for Minecraft, saying...

Minecraft: The game in which you pay $20 to play an infinite amount of "bootleg" games you can't afford.

The Splatoon conversion is available for Minecraft right now and you can download the mod by hitting up the Sethbling website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.