Here’s some good and bad news depending on how you look at it, but Nintendo’s Wii U console will only support one WiiPad per console. This means that only one person gets to lug around that massive block of plastic per play session.

Following up on the news that IBM will be providing Nintendo’s Wii U with state of the art, energy efficient 45nm microchips, Shigeru Miyamoto took on an interview with [via GameSpot] about the new WiiPad, commenting that…
"Our basic premise is that you can use one with a system," … "If we got to an idea of having multiple, it might be just more convenient for people to use their Nintendo 3DS and have a way to connect that. That being said, we are doing research about if someone brings their controller to their friend's house and they want to play together on Wii U to whether or not something like that would be possible."

In some regards it makes complete sense why there would only be one required per system; think about playing a four-player version of Aliens: Colonial Marines and everyone lugging around those WiiPads…it wouldn’t be a very convenient play experience. However, if one person was relegated to tracking aliens using the Wiipad while everyone else had to focus solely on shooting them based on the WiiPad’s info, then that would be kind of cool. Again, this is good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

Pricing is another big issue…and those WiiPad’s certainly don’t look cheap. Having to buy three additional pads for your Wii U would be highly inconvenient for your wallet, and in this day and time most people are trying to make their wallets as comfortable as they can.

Still, Miyamoto makes a good point about possible 3DS connectivity as an alternative to buying more WiiPads…I don’t see anything wrong with that.

There’s plenty of time for the Big ‘N’ to iron all these things out and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new information regarding the Wii U.

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