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CD Projekt Red has made some massive changes to The Witcher 3. Not only does the changelog represent that there are tons of changes made to the game, but the size of the patch itself greatly reflects the amount of work that the developers have put into the game.

As noted by Game Informer, patch 1.07 is pretty huge and nearly the entire size of an Xbox 360 or PS3 game, clocking in at more than 7.5GB. That's almost twice the size of Just Cause 2's standard download file. But Witcher fans shouldn't be surprised at large content patches for the game.

The patch makes some major modifications to some of the core game elements, including Geralt's movement system, which can be changed from the options menu.

A couple of major fixes to the way Geralt interacts with the horse have also been addressed, including the way the horse falls to the ground and a bug where Geralt would get stuck in an animation look while throwing bombs while on horseback.

There are a lot of tweaks to the questing system as well, ensuring that quests aren't glitched or broken. A few quests would see them insta-failing because players didn't do something properly or did something in the wrong way. You shouldn't have to worry about running into those problems now with the latest Witcher 3 patch.

It also appears as if another one of those progress bugs also happened to get squashed. Some of you might remember a short while back that players complained about an EXP bug that prevented players from earning EXP from completing certain side-quests. Well some issues involving the way quests play out has been addressed by CD Projekt Red.

Some of the things that the developers addressed will also likely make some players a bit peeved, such as fixing an infinite chest glitch where players could keep getting rewards from certain chests.

One of the big changes to the game also comes in the form of fixed loading sessions so that the game streams better on non-SSD devices, as well as improved NPC spawning, and some major fixes to blurred textures. Tangentially related to these issues, CD Projekt also included more loading screen hints, and in relation to the blurred textures they also added more optimization features for the Gameworks options.

Some of you might remember a short while back that The Witcher 3 and Project CARS were embroiled in some serious fallout between AMD and Nvidia where claims of sabotage were thrown out frequently and freely. However, CD Projekt Red worked with the GPU manufacturers to sort the problem out and they have been releasing a lot of free DLC and patches to help rectify the problem.

Additionally, they added a new option for Gameworks that lowers the strain on a PC while also keeping the visual fidelity of the hair and physics intact. I don't know how they worked out that kind of magic but they did.

For gamers playing The Witcher 3 in countries from around the world there are also a ton of improvements to the grammar and spelling in the localized versions of the game in specific regions. For those of you who spotted out the syntax errors you should see the changes reflected in the latest patch.

You can check out the entire changelog over on the official Witcher 3 website. The patch is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users.

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