Blizzard reminded World of Warcraft players that they've only got a few days left to guarantee themselves a spot in the Mists of Pandaria beta. They'll only be offering the WoW Annual Pass until April 30th.

The Annual Pass is a twelve month subscription commitment to the MMORPG. By signing up for it, you'll immediately earn an in-game Tyrael's Charger mount. The mount, essentially a horse with wings, is inspired by Diablo 3. Speaking of D3, the Annual Pass also entitles you to a free digital copy of that game when it's released in mid-May.

Blizzard has been inviting Annual Pass members to the betas for upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria in waves. Last week's rounds of invites covered nearly all members who weren't already invited. If you sign up for the Pass this week, you shouldn't have to wait long for your beta invite.

It's important to note that the Pass isn't actually a year subscription to the game; it's merely an agreement that you will pay for twelve months. The difference is that you're not throwing down all of the money at once. You can't actually cancel your subscription during this period but if you manage to bail out through some other means (like cancelling your credit card), you would lose access to all of the bonuses from the Pass.

The Mists of Pandaria beta launched in March. We're playing it right now and will be publishing a series of previews on its content. You can read the first part, which focuses on the pandaren starting zone, here.

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