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Another region from the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was revealed by Blizzard today. They've unveiled screenshots and story details for the Twilight Highlands.

The Twilight Highlands are located just east of the Wetlands. The region is the site of much bloodshed, with the Wildhammer dwarves, red dragonflight, black dragonflight, the Dragonmaw orcs, and Twilight's Hammer cult all staking a claim. Players can find a 5-man dungeon, 10/25 man raid instance, and battleground here in addition to new quests.

Cataclysm is presently in closed beta. They'll be inviting new testers in waves. If you're lucky enough to be selected, you could end up playing Twilight Highlands and the other zones before the game's release later this year.

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